How to change or cancel and rebook your United flight later

 Customers now have until December 31, 2020 to make adjustments to, or postpone, all travel they have reserved until the end of the year without penalties to assist with the confusion about future travel, be it summer holidays, conventions, activities and more. In comparison to current waivers currently in existence, this is. You can choose between two choices.

FUTURE Travel CREDIT: If you wish to cancel your flight United airlines, the amount of the ticket to be applied to a new ticket can be maintained without a charge, however a fare differential may be available. Future flight credit can be used on United for flights,

United Express, and flights run by a partner. Flight credit must be used on most airlines for travel within 12 months of the date on which your initial ticket was given. Flight credits are available for tickets released between May 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020, 24 months after the initial date of issue.

Electronic travel certificates: Electronic travel certificates are now available for a maximum of 24 months from the date of issue and can be used only for United Express or United Express travel.

In the latest "Credits" feature of My Account on and the United smartphone app, MileagePlus users can access their electronic travel certificate information. A PIN code to redeem the refund as well as a credit number will be included in the details. Shop Connection.

Qualified domestic and foreign ticket travelers may seek refunds on or may call our contact centers if their flights have been severely changed or service to their destination has been discontinued either because of government regulations or the reduction of the United Schedule in accordance with COVID-19.

Any fares, like tickets booked by another airline, will not be changed on or the smartphone app (if the ticket receipt does not begin with 016). For modifications, please contact the original ticketing airline.

To keep up to date, change or cancel your united flight, follow the steps below.

Modify your current flight:

Pick 'My Trips' on the homepage and type your travel details to get your flight back.

In order to make the following modifications, click 'Change flight' and then 'Edit':

Day of journey or destination

Adding a flight

Deleting a Flight

Click 'Continue' and choose a new route for the flight.

Continue to validate your latest flight by reserving

Note: The charge for the adjustment will be shown as waived, but any fare differential could be valid.


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Cancel your flight and later rebook:

Pick "My Trips" on the homepage and type your booking credentials to retrieve your flight details.

"Cancel flight"Cancel flight

Confirm termination of flights

If you have a potential travel credit, click 'Use Future Flight Credit' when returning to your reservation to shop for new flights and apply for a new flight.

Changing or canceling an award flight:

You will have the option to cancel your award reservation and redeposit the miles or to cancel your award reservation and use those miles on another trip in the future when you pick "Cancel flight,"

For your award travel, we might have fee exemptions in force. For the latest updates, please visit our Important Notes page. We are now receiving strong traffic. If you encounter a mistake when doing so,

Please try again later to try to adjust or cancel your United airlines flight.

For more detailed directions, click on the slideshow below:

Start on the home page of United:

To locate and retrieve your reservation, the user can pick 'My Trips' on the homepage widget.

Enter your registration number and last name if you're not signed in or are a guest customer.

You can pick a trip from your current trips if you have signed in, or select the 'Find another trip' page.


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